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The Governing Body

Summer Term Parent Forum - July 2023

Summer term parent rorums were held on:

  • Tuesday 4th July at 9am
  • Thursday 6th July at 5pm




  • Some parents would like children to where shirt and ties.
  • Some parents would like children to be allowed to wear black trainers - this would make it easier for children to play actively, and it would remove the need to buy two pairs of shoes for school.
  • There was discussion about the girls' school uniform and whether they could where shorts / coulottes.
  • Some parents questioned whether plimsolls are a requirement of school uniform.



Parents suggested that children are not always motivated to complete homework as there is little recognition, and no consequences for those who do not complete it. It was suggested that teachers have a homework session during the school week to mark and reflect on homework, making corrections and addressing misconceptions, where necessary.


Confidentiality of Staff

Assurances were sought regarding the school ensuring staff confidentiality - how do the school ensure that this happens? Miss Wilding explained that all staff are bound by the Code of Conduct - a section on Confidentiality is in this document. All staff are asked to sign to say they have read and understood this annually. Teaching staff are also bound by the Teacher Professional Standards. The school are pro-active in enforcing these policies / standards.

Miss Wilding recommended that the Governing Body discuss the need for staff to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in addition to procedures in place - this will become an agenda item at the next Full Governing Body meeting.


Parent suggestions/questions

Can we vary the themed days for school dinners?

Can we invite parents in to school more - into lessons / classes?

Is there any way to improve links for parents who work?

Can parents have more regular updates with teachers?

Can we improve / increase communication with parents?

Is there a way to ensure that FOStAPS are transparent, particularly linked to money raised and spending?

Are older girls aware of what to do if they start their periods in school?

Conversations took place around the school approach to unkind behaviour and supporting children in seeking help in school. 


Parent comments

Parents like the highlighed 'new dates' on the newsletter.


  • Review homework policy for approach and consistency (2023/24).
  • Governors consider the need for non-disclosure agreements for all staff (Autumn 2023).
  • Parents to be informed that plimsolls are not a requirement (July 2023).
  • School uniform adjustment - plain black trainers or shoes allowed (July 2023).
  • Year 4/5/6 staff to keep spare knickers and sanitary items in class. Girls to be informed of this and encouraged to ask for support, if needed (July 2023).

Spring Term Parent Forum - March 2023

This is the first Parent Forum we have held here at St. Andrew's.  On this occasion we are running two sessions: 14th March at 9am and 23rd March at 5pm. The agenda for discussion is:

  • School clubs
  • Lunchtimes and menus
  • Homework

Summary of discussions for the Parent Forums will be added here.