St Andrew's C of E Primary Academy

Inspiring children to achieve their personal best

Our Christian Vision

Together we all flourish. Together, we make a difference.


Our Christian vision is to create a learning environment that enables and encourages learning and growth through fellowship and collaboration so that our community can achieve, make a positive contribution to society and be the best version of themselves.

This involves a responsibility to maintain and use wisely and responsibly the gift of learning God has bestowed on humankind. Indeed, when we come together in fellowship, we help each other, we learn together and we teach each other (John 1:7).


This theological anchor is firmly grounded in the concept that each human being is made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26) and capable of freely choosing thus enabling us to flourish as God intended. This requires courage and commitment just like Jesus showed throughout his life because when Jesus faced challenges, He overcame them.


This reflects St Andrew’s commitment to community and social justice through giving, through practical caring, speaking out and through different approaches to advocacy work on behalf of others.


At St Andrew’s CE Primary Academy, we define achievement in its broadest sense. This includes a recognition of the development of the whole person including their academic, social, emotional, moral, cultural and spiritual development and consequently the positive benefits well-rounded individuals offer society.

Our theologically rooted Christian vision builds on the Church of England’s vision to educate for ‘life in all its fullness‘ (John 10:10) and complements our Trust's vision of creating a culture where flourishing together empowers wisdom, wonder and positive well-being.

It is our foundation as a Church school to live this Christian vision in everything we do as an outward expression of the Christian faith.