St Andrew's C of E Primary Academy

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How is the Curriculum Organised?

  • The curriculum is mainly thematic with different terms being driven by different driver subjects to ensure breadth. These driver subjects include: History, Geography and Science.  Where links would be tenuous, there is some discrete learning. There is non-negotiable content but it is flexible so units can be grown or reduced to respond to the interest and needs of the children. See our Curriculum Intent Policy below.
  • The curriculum is developed, monitored and reviewed by subject leaders to secure progression and breadth. Rich experiences secure immersion and engagement; some of these experiences are 'keys' and 'locks' (thematic openers and conclusions) as well as school visits or other enrichment activities.
  • There is a progression map for each subject so children can be tracked for progression by subject leaders and class teachers in order to identify prior learning and understand how their teaching creates the foundation for the next stage of learning. This allows staff to ensure effective coverage and assessment of knowledge and skills. Curriculum content and progression maps are derived from a range of sources; some have been designed internally and some are carefully selected external schemes of learning, for example:
    • Get Set 4 PE
    • Kapow Primary

See an example below - science progression map (internally designed).


  • Medium term plans are designed to promote meaningful links between subjects as part of a topic or theme. See an example of our Year 5 termly plan.