Headteacher Awards

Key Stage 1

Lucas Leydon
for fantastic effort clapping syllables
Oliver Myerscough
for enthusiastic phonic recall

Betsy Stock
for doing so much amazing learning at home
Noah Hancock
for trying his best even when the learning is difficult

Colby Butler
for sharing many of the exciting and creative things that you have been doing at home in addition to home learning
Liam Fitzpatrick
for showing such an incredible attitude towards home learning and putting in great effort

Key Stage 2

Calum McLaren-Smith
for his brilliant attitude to his learning this week
Frank Dunn
for his fantastic attitude towards his work and for writing a fantastic diary entry in his best cursive handwriting

Lacey Fitzpatrick
for your continued enthusiasm and cheery approach to your home learning
Alfie Gynn
for your positive attitude towards your home learning and your email communication letting me know how you're getting on

Joshua Bearman
for his descriptive and creative kennings work

Tommy Richmond
for his participation and sterling effort in the TTRS challenge

Frank Dixon
for his continuous effort with his home learning. This week I particularly enjoyed his descriptive, informative, humorous travel advert
Mason Scott
for his attitude and resilience whilst learning at home. Lovely to hear that you are making your mum proud!