Year 3 - Ipswich Museum 2018

On Monday 25th June, we went to Ipswich Museum to see and handle Ancient Egyptian models and artefacts. The mummy was amazing, although some of us thought it was a little scary! We also liked the models of the Gods and Goddesses. The colourful masks we wore for the Book of the Dead were heavy and tipped forwards so we could not wear them for long.
After lunch we enjoyed making clay amulets or shabtis which we could bring home. We also looked at life-size animals which had been preserved. The house mouse was smaller than we thought one would be and the lion cubs were so cute! The gorilla and snake skeletons were incredible and the woolly mammoth was huge and realistic.
At the end, to prepare us a little for Year 4, we looked round the World War II exhibits and saw gas masks, ID cards and guns and tried on military clothes. We would like to thank Mrs Granger for arranging the visit and Mrs Peck, Mrs Church and Beth for coming too.

By Year 3