Year 3 - Fingringhoe Wick 2018

On Thursday 22nd March we went to Fingringhoe Wick to do some orienteering and build dens. We had made compasses in class and it was really good to use real ones. They were confusing because we had to work out which way to turn and sometimes we had to walk towards a bush! We followed the instructions using the compass at each checkpoint to walk around the reserve. Although we went the wrong way, one group found a beach and some frogspawn and the other came across an adder. Luckily, they were with one of the rangers who made sure everyone was safe and didn’t disturb the snake.
After lunch, we built dens using sticks, branches, string and plastic sheets. We built them around tree stumps so we could sit on them in our den but they weren’t very comfortable. One of the rangers poured water over each den to see if they were waterproof. Our den was only waterproof from one side but we didn’t get too wet!
After building dens and tidying away again, we toasted marshmallows over an open fire in the woods. The ranger had to add more wood and blow on it to make a good flame. The marshmallows tasted delicious!

By Olivia E and Joshua