Year 3 - Colchester Zoo 2019

On Thursday 31st January we went to Colchester Zoo to find out more about animals and their habitats. First we had an adaptations talk. Barnaby and Zarina dressed up to show how animals’ teeth, eyes, ears, feet and fur change depending on if they are prey or predators. Each child made notes on their chosen animal whilst at the zoo. This information will be used to help write a non-chronological report in school.

Harry liked the lions the most because they looked cute when they were asleep. The red pandas were Rosie’s favourite animal because she thought they looked cuddly. George J’s favourite was the otters because they were small and cute.
We really enjoyed our visit and would like to thank Mr Birbeck for arranging it. We would also like to thank Mrs James, Miss Peck and Mrs Edwards for coming with us and making it so much fun.

By Year 3