Year 2 - Mersea 2019

On Thursday 18th July we went to Mersea because we have been learning about the seaside in our Beside the Sea topic. First, we went to the museum where we looked at objects from the past, like model airplanes and evacuees. We started with a tour of the museum and then wrote the names of objects before drawing them. It was very interesting! After the museum, we were planning to go to the beach, but unfortunately it was raining heavily so we went to the church instead. We sketched some of the things we found in the church, such as a crown and the stained glass windows. There was a statue of a golden hawk with a Bible on its back which was interesting. In the middle of the church was a cross with Jesus on it which was hanging from a chain in the roof. The roof had lots of wooden arches and beams, and so did the sides. Before we got back on the coach, we went to a coffee shop spent our ice cream budget on warm drinks and cake! We really enjoyed our trip and learnt a lot. We would like to thank Miss O’Keeffe, Mrs Smith and Mrs Clow for coming with us and making our visit so much fun.

By Evie and Calum (Year 2)