Year 2 - Boydell's Farm 2019

On Wednesday 3rd April, we visited Boydell’s Dairy Farm and we had the most amazing day with the animals. We were given the opportunity to bottle feed the lambs, hold chicks and goats, milk a cow, and feed lots of different animals. Some of the lambs were only a few weeks old and they cuddled up on our laps whilst we stroked them! During the day, we learnt the names for female and male animals that live on the farm, such as a sow which is a female pig, and a boar which is a male pig. We all really enjoyed feeding the different animals and it made us laugh when the animals’ tongues tickled our hands! When we were holding the chicks, they were cheeky and climbed onto our heads and into our coats! Some of us would love to go back in the summer holidays to see all of the animals again, and see if there are any newborns.

By Year 2