Year 1 - Fingringhoe Wick 2019

On Tuesday 4th June we went to Fingringhoe Wick because our topic in Science is plants. First we looked for bugs and plants in the meadow. We found bees, beetles, daisies and some yellow flowers. We had pots which had a magnifying glass lid which we put the bugs in. We watched them in the pot for a little while and then let them go again. We wrote down what we had found. Next, we went pond dipping and used nets to try to catch creatures. After we scooped up some water, we tipped it into a tray and used our hands to see what was in it. We found baby fish, pondweed and some little creatures. We washed our hands afterwards so we could eat our lunch!
When we had eaten, we went into the forest and chose a tree which we named Lily. Then we went back inside and we were given owl pellets which are food the owl had eaten and regurgitated. We broke them up with our hands and found some small bones and sculls. We matched them to pictures on a chart to see which animals the owl had eaten. Our favourite parts were going into the forest and looking at the owl pellets. We really enjoyed visiting Fingringhoe Wick and would like to go there again. We would like to thank Miss Parsley, Mrs Carroll, Mrs Scott and Mrs Stevens for taking us there.

By Orlaith and Seth (Year 1)